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Below is a selection of the most popular brake testers we supply. Of course we can source different products, if these do not match your needs. So If you don't see what you want here, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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 Multitune BM7010 Upgrade Brake Tester, Class 4

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Multitune BM7010 Upgrade Brake Tester, Class 4

Upgrade your RBT without Civil Works

  • Do you have one of these

  • Kismet KBT1300 Brake Tester

  • Crypton 660 Brake Tester

  • Crypton 680 Brake Tester

  • Crypton 690 Brake Tester

  • Tecalemit Brake Tester

  • Is it getting old tired and unreliable, are replacement parts getting hard to get. . .

If so you need to upgrade to the BM7010. Designed for fast replacement of an existing Brake Tester cutting down on the amount of time you need to be closed to swap over.

Note... Some variants may be harder to install due to builders methods and not fitted as per the original manufacturers instructions.

Download the Brochure here.

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 Remove the Old Brake Tester Pit Units

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Remove the Old Brake Tester Pit Units

Clean out the years of muck and grime.

  • Remove the Old Pit Units

  • Clean out existing recesses

  • Remove all the spoil

  • Clean out brake tester recess

  • Clean out Service Ducts

Minimal amount of downtime

 Drop in the New Galvanised Frames

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Drop in the New Galvanised Frames

Fix the frames to workshop floor

  • Centralise the frames to your recess

  • Using a Concrete fixing, Hilti or similar

  • Ensure top of frames are level with workshop floor

  • Connect the frames into the existing recess

Simple Planning can mean, up and running in less than a day.

 Fix Electronic Dials to preferred position

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Fix Electronic Dials to preferred position

Connect cables and Power supply

  • The New Pit Units are pre wired

  • 10 metres of New Motor and signal cables

  • Easy plug in connectors

  • Connection to three phase

  • Measuring Range 0-620kgf

The Dials are available Wall Mounted or on a Pedestal

 Prepare Pit Units for Installation

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Prepare Pit Units for Installation

Specification of Roller Beds

  • 2 x 3.8Kw Motors

  • Maximum Axle Load 3500kgs

  • Wheeltrack 880mm min to 2080mm max

  • Roller size 176mm x 600mm

The Pit Units are One Piece per side and are very easy to handle.

 Lower New Roller Beds into position

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Lower New Roller Beds into position

Calibrate Brake Tester issue Certificate

  • Test operation of units without vehicle

  • Test all connections and ensure full working order

  • Calibrate & issue Certification

The BM7010 Roller Units are fully galvanised from the factory

 Test with Vehicle in Rollers

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Test with Vehicle in Rollers

Test all Brake Tester functions with car

  • Dimensions of Display Gauges

  • 735mm x 500mm x 145mm thick

  • Digital Readings 50mm high

  • Infra Red remote control

  • Automatic collection of Data & calculation of results

All models fitted with RS232 port for data collection output

 Test Guages and Readings

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Test Guages and Readings

  • Many Thanks to

  • Premiere Garage

  • Unit 3 Gosford Road

  • Beccles

  • Suffolk

  • NR34 9QP

  • Tel 01502-711684

  • Proprietor Mr Alan Twitchett

A good day resulting in quite a few laughs.
Thanks for all the Tea and Biscuits. Photography Carl Brighty

 Portable Roller Brake Tester

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Portable Roller Brake Tester

For all cars, vans and commercials.

  • Display console specifications..

  • Height 800mm

  • Width 620mm

  • Depth 200mm

  • Digital display height 80mm

  • Scale diameter 400mm

  • Small measuring range 0 to 6 kgf

  • Large measuring range 0 to 30 kgf

  • Weight 30 kilos Roller unit specifications..

  • Height 160mm

  • Length 1340mm

  • Width 4625mm

  • Motors 2 of 4.8Kw

  • Roller diameter 150mm

  • Roller length 1000mm

  • Third roller diameter 50mm

  • Roller speed 1.1 kilometres per hour

  • Coefficient friction dry or wet 0.8 to 0.7

  • Drive over weight 15tonnes Chassis surface treatment

  • Fully hot dip galvanised

  • Total weight 1500kgs approximately.

This brake tester is fully portable and can be operated via a remote control with trolley mounted dials or as an option a WI-FI touch screen lap top.
The unit is very diverse in its options all of which can be added at a later date.
This format allows the machine to meet budget requirements and allows it to be added to at a later date.
Warning Lights for Wheel in and out, Scale change, Imminent point of locking, Wheel lock, Measuring ovality, brake force, air pressure and imbalance.
Automatic or manual stop/start.

Prices change according to stock availability and exchange rates...
Please contact us and we'll find you the best deal currrently available!

If you don't see what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us - we can source a wide range of products, of which only a selection is shown here.

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