HGV Test Lanes

Below is a selection of the most popular hgv test lanes we supply. Of course we can source different products, if these do not match your needs. So If you don't see what you want here, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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 What is an ATF Lane (Authorised Testing Facility)

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What is an ATF Lane (Authorised Testing Facility)

An Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) is a defined site where Heavy Goods Vehicle testing and Public Service Vehicle testing can be carried out in your own Approved Premises.
The concept is very similar to a standard MOT Testing Station but in the case of an ATF Lane all testing is carried out by VOSA (Vehicle Operator Services Agency) staff using your approved equipment. ATF premises are not owned by VOSA but are authorised by them allowing you to offer HGV and PSV testing.

 What will I need to consider

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What will I need to consider

Steel prefabricated pit being installed.

So you want to become an ATF (Authorised Testing Facility)
The first decision is whether to test just your own vehicles, or open your doors to other hauliers.

Do you already have a building that meets the requirements.

Do you have any of the required equipment.

What level of testing do you want to offer.

Category A. All vehicles and trailers
Category B. All goods vehicles and trailers
Category C. All public service vehicles
Category D. Single deck public service vehicles
Category E. All trailers
Category F. All rigids, including articulated motive units
Category G. Restricted vehicles
(Restrictions can be based upon length, height, width and or a maximum authorised mass)

Becoming an ATF can involve a lot of investment on your part. You should think very carefully about the financial implication of becoming an ATF before you apply.

 What are the benefits to me.

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What are the benefits to me.

In most cases the benefits are similar

Overall cost of testing is reduced.
Taking into account downtime staff and travel costs.
Testing standards are upheld.
Increased flexibility of testing times.
Improved location of testing facilities.
Environmental impact is minimised.
New opportunities for income are created with the introduction of third party testing.

 What can MULTITUNE do to help.

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What can MULTITUNE do to help.

We can do everything.

We have been in the Garage Equipment industry since 1984 and we have a massive database of very happy customers.

In conjunction with our suppliers we now have over 230 ATF Test Lanes fully operational in the UK.

We can supply just the building the inspection pit or the roller brake tester.

In most cases we supply everything to get you operational.

If you prefer we will completely takeover and project manage everything right from the beginning including.

Meetings with VOSA
Discussing and agreeing the preferred layout.
Preparing and handling the plans.
Preparing and handling the Application.
Attend all necessary site meetings.
Supplying and Installing all the equipments.
Painting the floor dimensions.

Handing over the finished ATF Lane ready for testing.

Even after testing commences we will keep you fully operational offering the best after sales in the market.

Still not Sure
Pick up the phone ring 01603 781999 ask for Carl Brighty and have an informal chat.

Want to read the ATF Contract just click on view detailed catalogue.

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Prices change according to stock availability and exchange rates...
Please contact us and we'll find you the best deal currrently available!

If you don't see what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us - we can source a wide range of products, of which only a selection is shown here.

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