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Who is Multitune Garage Equipment?

After working several years for a large UK Garage Equipment distributor, Carl Brighty was unhappy with the attitude they wanted him to adopt. 60-70,000 miles a year dashing North to South in a Ford Sierra Estate was no longer fun, sell move on, sell move on, profit, profit, profit was his employers policy.

In August 1984 Carl broke all his ties with that company and founded his own company Multitune.

Looking back to that time it all seemed like a massive gamble, but as I remember it was a lot simpler than I had anticipated.

My potential customers have simple needs, and I agree with them. When the time came to invest in Workshop Equipment they wanted:

  • Good Reliable Equipment that met their requirements.

  • The Staff Trained to use it and to get the best from it.

  • Someone to speak to when there was a problem.

  • Quick and reliable response in the case of a breakdown.

That simple set of requirements is still our philosophy today, make sure we listen to customer needs, make sure we supply what he wants, and when there is a problem always be available.

As more and more far eastern manufacturers pour their cheap garage equipment into the UK and Europe we are giving more and more advise to our customers. Tread really carefully. "Buyer Beware" If you are not sure "Ask".

Honesty will always be our best policy 28 years in the Industry speaks for itself.

If you need Workshop Equipment, if you feel lost or in need of advice, it's simple, pick up the phone talk to us.

Hope you enjoy the Website.

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Managing Director

(Multitune GE Ltd)

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