Mobile Column Lifts

Below is a selection of the most popular mobile column lifts we supply. Of course we can source different products, if these do not match your needs. So If you don't see what you want here, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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 Velyen Hydraulic Mobile Column Lifts

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  • These products are manufactured in Valencia, Spain and have been since 1950. They are of superb quality and are supplied with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty against failure of any components. Velyen Column lifts are available in sets of 4 or 6 columns giving lifting capability from 22 - 45 tonnes depending on model set chosen. Please Note All Velyen lifts have been Homologated and Certified to meet the very latest European Safety Standards Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and EN1943/2010.

 Velyen 4EF0100 Hydraulic Mobile Column Lifts

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Velyen 4EF0100 Hydraulic Mobile Column Lifts

4 or 6 x 5.5tonne capacity per column

  • General Features

  • Available in 4 x 5.5 tonnes per column 22 tonnes

  • Or 6 x 5.5 tonnes per column 33 tonnes

  • Column Set or 6 Column Set

  • 3 phase supply with 1.5kW motor rating per column

  • Interconnecting cables between all columns

  • Columns can be operated individually or all together

  • Electro Hydraulic with ram

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity Per Column 7,500 kgs

  • Length of Wheel Fork 320mm

  • Adjustable Width of Wheel Fork 380-620mm

  • Height of Column fully lowered 2300mm

  • Height of column fully up 3655mm

  • Overall Length 1275mm

  • Overall Width 1100mm

  • Maximum Lifting Height 1800mm

  • Maximum Lifting Time (full stroke) 82secs

  • Options Available

  • Wireless Remote Control

  • Wheel fork adaptors for light vehicles

  • 15 tonnes cross beam

  • Entry ramps for low forklifts

  • Set of 4 or 6 Axle Stands

The Hydraulic Mobile Column lifts from Velyen are 100 per cent safe with Electrical Automatic locking system on each post.
Reliable and Value for money with each column having its own built in wheel jack which allows quick and easy positioning of all columns when needed. The master control column is SCS controlled giving guaranteed level lifting and perfectly smooth synchronisation all the time to all the columns.

Prices change according to stock availability and exchange rates...
Please contact us and we'll find you the best deal currrently available!

If you don't see what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us - we can source a wide range of products, of which only a selection is shown here.

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